Tallinn Art Week avamine Vabaduse väljakul

Tallinn Art Week Kick-Off @ Freedom Square!

Freedom Square becomes filled with art! Galleries and art organisations introduce the fresh works of Estonia´s prominent artists. Participants: Haus Gallery, Fahle Gallery, Avangard Gallery, Gallery Noorus, Kaleidoskoop ;paranoia, New Number!, etc

Public programme on stage: talks, debates and conversations about art and its meeting points with architecture, design and other fields. Concert-presentation of Marko Mäetamm´s new book lead by ;paranoia & Kiwa; poetry by Jürgen Rooste & Sveta Grigorjeva

“Punch the Bag not the Person“: Sveta Grigorjeva´s installation invites you to grab the boxing gloves, live out your frustration and get into friendly shape for the summer

Witness the creation of a new piece of street art designed by 3Estonia´s Banksy3, Edward von Lõngus and implemented by an Estonian tech-startup SprayPrinter

Tour at the Estonian Artists´ Association´s Spring Exhibition at Tallinn Art Hall (14:00)

The largest artwork is an open-air architecture solution created in collaboration between Estonian Academy of Arts and KUU architecture bureau.

Activity Area for the smaller visitors: from good old potato print to a digital workshop

Avatud stuudiod

Open Studios

In collaboration with Estonian Artists´ Association, the doors of studios in the Freedom Square buildings are opened and visitors can take a peek in the everyday working spaces of the artists.

Kunstnik letis

Brunch: Artist on the Counter!

Artists take over the cafe of the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia and prepare their favourite dishes in addition to food for thought.


Sandra Jõgeva´s stand-up tragedy “Gossip: Part 2

What could be worse than tabloids and the blog of Inno and Irja Tähismaa? The answer is Sandra Jõgeva´s stand-up! She is the only artist in Estonia, who dares to be totally open about her life and personality, as well as to dig into the collective dirty underware of our society. 3Gossip: Part 23 focuses on gossip about the art world, the new and ancient rumours. The stand-up tragedy takes place in Kuku Club, the legendary meeting place or artists, writers and other creative people, that is now officially closed for the public but opens its doors for this one night.

Tänavatoidu festival

Street Food and Street Artists´ Festival @Telliskivi

3rd international Tallinn Street Food Festival will take place on 11th-12th of June 2016 in Telliskivi Creative City from 11:00 on Saturday to 18 :00 on Sunday, with more than 60 food vendors offering their best tastes. This is accompanied by TaDaa street artists´ festival with 15 local and international artists performing on three street stages – music, theatre, dance, circus and anything and everything that embraces the street environment. TaDaa Festival also turns Estonian poetry into a street circus, where the tightrope walkers are poets and writers Fagira D. Morti, Birk Rohelend, Jan Kaus, Kristjan Haljak, Kaur Riismaa ja Jürgen Rooste.


'Photorealism. 50 years of hyperrealistic painting.'

Hyperrealism imitates photographic images in painting, and mediates a perception of the world outlined by virtual realities. The large-scale international exhibition displays the history of hyperrealism from the 1960s to the present day, including works by Chuck Close, Richard Estes and many others. Last two days of the exhibition!


Estonian Academy of Arts graduation programme TASE´16: Exhibition Tour

What better way to get to know the young talents! A selection of the exhibited works from the exhibitions can also be seen at the art platform NOAR.eu, together with the works of the talented graduates from the other Baltic countries.

Tallinna Teisipäev

Tallinn Tuesday

A (bicycle) tour for art lovers to Tallinn´s galleries. In this evening, various exhibition openings, project presentations and discussions will take place. In most galleries, the artists will be present to introduce their works. Participants: Vaal Gallery, Haus Gallery, Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, EKA Gallery, Fahle Gallery.


Opening of Maarit Murka´s mural @ Ülemiste Citys

Maarit Murka´s work 3You are not alone3 is one of the largest murals in the Baltics, extending in total to 1640 m2. The message of the playful artwork is super positive, reflecting also the underlying philosophy of Ülemiste as a smart ICT-district - Sky is the limit, everything is possible, if you can only make a wish and set your goal.

Alice Kase maal

Opening of Alice Kask´s personal exhibition @EKKM

The semi-retrospective solo exhibition of Estonian painter Alice Kask coincides her earlier works from museums and private collections and pieces that are produced especially for this exhibition into a framework that draws out the idiosyncratic consistency of her oeuvre.


Poetry Machine Gone Wild: Midsummer Night´s Dream of All Artists.

Estonian poetry is sometimes like theater. All the world´s a stage! Poets come out and take a stand. They have rough, painful, burning things to say . Electronic beats by Vootele Ruusmaa, words (and not only that!) by Sveta Grigorjeva, Maarja Kangro, Asko Künnap, Jürgen Rooste, Mikk von Berg and Leonhard Lapin.


Performance Explosion!

A truly explosive and thrilling performance show lead by the notorious Non Grata and Al Paldrok! Exclusive opportunity to enjoy this nomadic performance festival, travelling through several continents and uniting artists from all-across the world to share their high quality performance art. Performers: Danny Gonzalez (Puerto Rico / USA), Mathieu Sylvestre (Prantsusmaa), Joaquín Alonso Munoz (Tšiili), Jesusa Delbardo (Uruguai), Wild Torus (Russia/New York), Nina Yhared (Mexico)

Galerii Metropol

Jaanus Samma„NSFW. A Chairman´s Tale“: Exhibition tour

Jaanus Samma´s exhibition "NSFW. A Chairman´s Tale“ represented Estonia in Venice Biennale 2015. The exhibition tells a fictive story of a successful chairman of a collective farm, who is sent to prison in 1965 for homoerotic behaviour. The exhibition is a fragmented fictive opera in the form of a multimedia installation with videos, and found objects displayed alongside archival materials. The public programme of the exhibition, witch concerns human rights in a larger scale, is carried out in collaboration with SA Unitas, Tallinn University, Estonian Museum of Literature and Estonian LGBT Association. The tour lead by curator and art critic Rebeka Põldsam starts at 16:00

Andrus Rõuk.Päev ja öö

Tour at the Spring Exhibition

169 artists take part of the 16th annual Estonian Artists’ Association exhibition. It´s a manifestation of diversity, a place where various artistic egos, spiritual attitudes, and visual handwriting meet. While the spring exhibition can be seen as a kind of “art competition”, it also functions as a bridge connecting a large number of artists and the broader public of art and culture lovers, and between creators of very different ages. A selection of exhibition works is also available on the NOAR.eu art platform.NOAR.eu.

Galerii Metropol

Ekkisens 'Stream in a Puddle': Exhibition opening at Metropol Gallery

Artists Freyja Eilíf, Heiðrún Gréta Viktorsdóttir, Sigríður Þóra Óðinsdóttir and Andrea Ágústa Aðalsteinsdóttir from Ekkisens, an artist run space in Island, present their works at Metropol. Ekkisens promotes works of emerging icelandic and international artists and curates squat exhibitions and house occupations in empty and available spaces to promote sustainability of art and activate creativity. The name of the art space comes from an old curse word (purportedly of Danish origin) that the late owner of the Ekkisens` house, Helga Friðrika Bæringsdóttir, that she used unsparingly.


KUMU ÖÖ (=Night)

A music and visual arts programme at the Kumu art museum. One of the main ideas behind Kumu 10 years anniversary is ‘’The best of Kumu’’. We can assure you, Kumu ÖÖ belongs to that category!

NSFW. Esimehe lugu

Exhibitions throughout the week

Näitused KUMU kunstimuuseumis:
Kumu Hits: Contemporary Art from the Collection of the Art Museum of Estonia. On 17 February 2016, the Kumu Art Museum celebrated its 10th anniversary. This event provided a good reason to focus on one of the main roles of the museum – the collection and preservation of art – and to highlight the related processes.
Cold Look. Variations of Hyperrealism in Estonian Art In the 1970s, there were lively responses to hyperrealism in the art of socialist East European countries, as well as in the Soviet Union. In an environment where the official doctrine favoured realism in art, the new trend caused something close to a conceptual short circuit.
Permanent Exhibition: Classics of Estonian Art from the Beginning of the 18th Century until the End of the Second World War. From an anonymous Baltic- German portrait artist to Johann Köler, Kristjan Raud and Konrad Mägi, and on to the Group of Estonian Artists, Pallas School.
Permanent exhibition: Conflicts and Adaptations. Estonian Art of the Soviet Era (1940–1991). This exhibition represents one possible approach to the Estonian art of the second half of the 20th century, when it was characterised mainly by conflicts with and adaptations to the new political order established after World War II.
Force majeure. The Destroyed and the Disappeared in Estonian Art. In addition to the visible side of Estonian art, there is another, hidden one. It consists of individual works of art that have been destroyed or lost over time, and of whole periods of artists’ lives which have not been examined in detail. The fate of lost artworks has largely been determined by the force majeure of randomness and historical events.
RAM. Early Estonian Computer Art. The exhibition RAM is the story of computer use in the Estonian visual culture. The development of computer technology encouraged many people in the late 1980s and early 1990s to exploit its potential. This gave rise to a number of animations and multimedia programmes; computer graphics were produced to be displayed as art exhibitions; somewhere in the computing centres of universities, research data were being visualised in computers; the computer classes of schools witnessed busy game development on Yamaha MSXs….

Exhibitions at the Galleries of the Estonian Artists´ Association
Hobusepea and Draakon Gallery: Anu Vahtra Hobusepea 2; Pikk 18
Vabadus Gallery: Heino Kivihall Vabaduse väljak 6

Estonian Academy of Arts TASE´16 exhibitons
Marta Stratskas Possible'. Graduation exhibition of Marta Stratskas (MA, painting) Vaal gallery, Tartu maantee 80d. Until 11.06!
GD’16. Graduation exhibition of the graphic design students (BA) EKA Gallery, Vabaduse väljak 6/8 (courtyard)
'Cerecloth'. Exhibition of the printmaking and textile design students Estonian Health Museum, Lai 30
'FashioNINE. EKA Avatud Akadeemia moestilistika kursuse tudengite lõpunäitus. Tallinn Creative Hub, Corridor Hall, Põhja pst 27a. Until 16.06!

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